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Posing Guides | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

Hey friends!  I’m sooo excited to share that I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks at Design Aglow on some awesome Posing Guides designed to help photographers create beautiful images.  These “Inspire Me Cards” are available for whatever kind of posing help you may be looking for:  Boudoir, Portrait, Bride & Groom, Wedding Party, Engagement… so many!  They’re featuring tons of my photos inside and I couldn’t be more thrilled (and honoured!) to help other photographers reignite some inspiration and perhaps add new poses to their repertoire 🙂

For more information, to peruse them, or to snag your own now, just click HERE.  I hope you’ll find them helpful this busy summer season!



photographer dallas Wow… Thanks for sharing those tips! I love those Inspire Me Cards! 🙂

the fine art album | edmonton boudoir photographer

I thought it’d be fun to share a client’s beautiful Fine Art Album from earlier this summer– I’m just now getting around to posting these pictures 😉  The Fine Art Album is our Rolls Royce of albums.  It’s luxurious, stunning, and hand-crafted perfection.  It comes in a wide variety of cover options to suit your style and features solid thick pages with a smooth, lay-flat binding (no cut or gutter down the center of the pagespreads)  There is no better, more timeless way to preserve your pictures and enjoy them for years to come.  Pictured here is the 10×10 Fine Art Album with a fabric cover.  Tessa, my client, was thrilled with it (as I’m sure her husband was too!)

The Photobook Album | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

So, I get albums for clients arriving at my door on a regular basis, but I usually forget to take pictures of them to post and share here.  I’m usually too excited to get them to my lovely clients!  Luckily, I just received 2 beautiful albums and actually remembered to snap a couple shots to give you all an idea of what they look like.

These were ordered by 2 gorgeous sisters who each had their own Private Boudoir Session with me.  (To see their sessions just click on one of these links:  Nadia or Allyson)  Both went with our 10×10 Photobook Album, which features durable “lay-flat” pages and panoramic spreads.  There is no cut in the centre bind, so panoramic spreads are flawless with just a subtle crease line.

I loved how both their albums looked and hope their men loved receiving these stunning surprises!  Thanks to Nadia & Allyson for letting me share their beautiful albums!

the new studio space | edmonton boudoir photographer


This is a super exciting post for me!  After a LOT of dreaming, designing, wishing and (far too much) money spent~  I have a brand spanking new meeting space/boudoir prep room!!!  Seeing the vision in my head come to life is such an incredible feeling, and I love the space so much I just want to stay in it forever and live there!  This was no easy feat either– it wasn’t just a matter of moving in some furniture and putting some pictures up.  The space was built in our unfinished basement, and we had to do everything from framing to drywall (for both the room and staircase) to installing the floors… it was an ordeal!    Of course, we had the help of a great contractor, but I must say– my amaaaaazing husband really came through for me.  He really put his handiman skills to work and basically executed all my ideas (because let’s face it, I may have a good vision– but heck if I know my way around power tools! hehe)  He’s always been my biggest supporter and fan, and I can’t thank him enough.

This space will be where we style all our boudoir clients.  We do the actual shooting in another room.  I wanted this room to feel comfortable, inspiring and of course– girly!  Now without further ado, here’s some pictures of the new space.  All photos were taken from my iPhone believe it or not~

This is the styling corner where our amazing professional hair & makeup styling team will set up all their beautifying tools/gear/supplies.  We’ve already used it just this past weekend for a Boudoir Marathon and it was so awesome!!

Now something fun I thought I’d share.  It’s a great little trick for anyone out there that may be interested.  I was having a hard time trying to decide what pictures to get enlarged/framed for my feature wall, so I did a bit of a mock up using photoshop  (sorry to those that aren’t photoshop-savvy) I played around with the scale and swapped pics in and out until I was happy with the overall look.  I wanted each picture to be unique and for the wall to have a good flow.  This was really fast and easy to do, and probably saved me a lot of headache and disappointment.  Check out the comparison below of the mock up next to the actual finished wall.  Neat-o!!

And lastly, here’s a BEFORE and AFTER.  Crazy isn’t it?!  Looking at this now really makes all the hard work, time, money and stress worth it!  I can’t wait to enjoy it with all our future clients!!  We’d love to know your thoughts on the new space, so feel free to leave us a comment below.  Thanks for checking it out!

Jolyn @ Wander Love Honeymoons Beautiful space!! I’m sure you and your clients will love it!

andrea that is quite the transformation — wow! looks so awesome kat. i’m totally going to be bugging you for some sources… xox. (and that’s totally what i do with displays too! works so well.)

melissa I can’t believe that’s your basement!! Love.

Grace So beautiful. Your work is amazing and gorgeous. So lucky to have a spouse who is handy and supports your vision! 🙂

– BC fan

Jennifer Williams Congrats Kat it looks beautiful!! So happy for you!

kat THANKS friends for all the love & support! xoxo

sharon she’s a beaut!!! I love it!! And can you come do my wall! That’s all!

Anne Beautiful new space! I wish you lots of fun in there and some gorgeous shots!

Cherie congrats girl! all your hard work & amazing talents are yet again alive & real. you have a gift Kat & how nice for you to have a space to illustrate that talent. xo Cherie

Nathan space looks great!! Well done Kat!

Susan Looks gorgeous! Really well done!

Victoria – Washington Boudoir Photographer This is so awesome!! Great job remodeling the basement, if I ever need someone to redesign my studio you are the first person i’m calling!!

Manni I love the new space,its so modern and chic. A great place to meet with your clients! I’ve been following you on facebook for a while and your work is absolutely beautiful. Too bad you’re in AB not ON 🙂

amy where did you find that couch!? its my dream couch!

Angela I really like that coffee table! Where did you get it?

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the fine art album | edmonton boudoir photographer

So today I got a special package delivered and was giddy (as usual) with excitement like a kid on Christmas morning.  This album was designed for one of our boudoir clients Jennifer who is going to be gifting it to her husband for their anniversary, but before it went out the door I snapped some pictures to share here on the blog for anyone who may be considering investing in one.  We have a range of albums to suit different needs and the Fine Art Album is as good as it gets.  There isn’t a more stunning way to showcase your pictures~  this is pure luxury.

This large 10×10 custom designed album displays all of Jennifer’s favorite shots from her session.  The cover is a print on metal and is tough, durable and scratch resistant (not to mention incredibly sexy).  Jennifer chose the beautiful leather binding/back from a huge selection of options, so it’s completely her. This style of album is great for displaying full page panoramic spreads since there’s no cut in the binding and only a subtle crease line.  The pages are thick and sturdy adding both drama and durability.

I’m sure Jennifer’s husband’s jaw is going to drop once he sees this gorgeous, timeless album and I’m SO happy that Jennifer will have it to look back on for years to come!

Jennifer Kat – my hubby was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by these pics! I couldn’t wait to see his face when he opened up this treasure!! Thank you soooo much again… (And I can finally “like” all the pics now that the secret is out lol!)

I’m absolutely THRILLED with the album…definatley worth the $ – and I am soooooo glad I went with the bigger size and fancy leather! Thank you again xoxo

Brittany Santos Hi! Your albums are beautiful, I’m trying to make some decisions on some new products to offer my clients and I’m wondering where you get your albums made? Currently have checked out KISS albums.

Allanna Hey! These are stunning, would you mind sharing the outsource and pricing? I have a boudoir coming up and she wanted an album like this but I haven’t been able to find anything like it in Edmonton!

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