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barbie | edmonton boudoir photographer

When we sold our house 2 months ago, I really didn’t know what I was going to do about a shooting space (I had a home-based studio).  If you go back to my last post, I talk about everything that’s been going on, and let me tell you– it’s been a whirlwind!  But I’m sooo happy to report that I now have a temporary home for Katch Studios, and it comes along with some great perks too!  For anyone that follows my work, you’ll know that I work regularly with the talented ladies at Sen Studios (makeup and hair) and that they’re also my beautiful sisters-in-law.  They’ve been generous enough to let me sub-lease a small part of their space for a few days per month so that I can continue to shoot some boudoir.  I really couldn’t ask for a more beautiful, perfect space– and the fact that they’re set up there to do the hair & makeup styling for all my clients really just sealed the deal.  I’m really looking forward to sharing this space with them as anyone that knows us, knows we are all already pretty inseparable 😉

So before I booked any actual clients in this new space, I wanted to make sure that it was going to work for me, so I set up a fun little styled shoot last week.  With help from my gorgeous friend Barbie who modelled for me with very little notice (thanks friend!!) and my talented collaborator Sunita of Sen Studios doing the hair & makeup, we had the best time and it confirmed to me all of the shooting potential of this new space.  I’m a total creature of habit and the thought of doing so many shoots in a new studio was pretty daunting.  I’ve shot hundreds of clients out of my old space and had a rolodex in my head of poses and ideas that I could always fall back on, but I was also starting to feel very stunted in my growth and was losing inspiration which is so important to a creative person.   Being there felt really refreshing and I’m looking so forward to a new year and a fresh look!  I’m also going to be trying something different (and kinda scary)– no bed!  I wanted to really be able to explore the space and having a bed in there would’ve really limited my options.  It’s going to force me to step outside my comfort zone and come up with a different look that’s not traditional boudoir… and that’s exactly what I’m challenging myself to create 🙂

I wanted to thank everyone that’s been patiently waiting for me to get my stuff together– I’m so humbled every day by the amount of support and love I get from you all.  I know that there’s so many other options out there, and the fact that anyone is willing to wait for me just blows my mind and warms my heart.  I look SO forward to photographing each of you in this new space and hope you’ll love what we create together.  XOXO.

*Since I’m only subleasing this space a certain amount each month, bookings will be limited to certain dates only.  I’ll be contacting the people on my wait list first and then will be opening up bookings after that.  Please feel free to email me if you wish to book a session or if you have any questions 🙂  If you’re interested in a spot in one of our upcoming Boudoir Marathons, please stay tuned to my Katch Studios Facebook Page, as that’s where I always announce new dates (none have been announced just yet but will be soon).

Natalie Schutz wondering if I could be put on a waiting list for a session? I can put a deposit down as well.

Thank u so much

Wonderland Boudoir The best thing that happened to me to today was finding your blog. I am happy that you were able to sub-lease with your in-laws. Your photos in this space are absolutely beautiful. I have a studio and have no bed. I think you will get used to it and find creative ways around it!

kat wow thanks so much Wonderland Boudoir!! I’m so glad you found me!

Lethbridge Boudoir I love your work, I’ve been following you for a while now, and your stuff is great! I’m down in Lethbridge, and I just recently moved into a new studio space from a home studio so I know how stressful that can be, don’t worry you’ll work all the kinks out, again great job! Cheers! Katie

kat Thanks so much Katie– I really appreciate you taking the time to say that! It’s definitely a change (and I’m a creature of habit!) but I do love it so far 🙂 Good luck with your studio too!! xoxo

Kerensa Hey Kat!
I’m in BC and have been following your work for over a year now!! Love the “new” look! I adore the one on the wall that’s just her with lots of negative space…no distractions 😉 all the best, Kerensa

Jodi O Gorgeous work, thanks for sharing!

Glorinha Ribeiro Awsome! Very beautiful photos

Boudoir Guadalajara Love the post processing, is it VSCO? can you share what are you using?
cheers from fellow Mexican boudoir photographer

Floral Boudoir Styled Shoot | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer


Inspiration finds me in all sorts of ways.  When I’m not shooting boudoir, I’m shooting weddings and working with some of the most awe-inspiring vendors who are all geniuses  in their field.  In this case, I was inspired by the ever-so-talented florist Janine Sabastian and her team at FaBLOOMosity here in Edmonton.  Our idea was to do a boudoir shoot that had a focus on her fresh floral creations as opposed to the lingerie.  Rounding out our collaboration was Makeup artist and Stylist, Sunita Sumaru from Sen Studios— someone I always trust to beautify my lovely clients!   And speaking of lovely clients– we handpicked our model, the gorgeous Caylee, from amongst my past boudoir clients because we thought she fit the look we were going for perfectly.

It was so much fun to have them there from start to finish and the whole process was completely freestyle.  We had no idea going in to the shoot what Janine and her team were going to create for us and let me tell you– a bra made out of fresh rose petals just blew my expectations out of the water!!  Here I was just expecting a few flowers pinned to the wall with clothes pins-  bahaha!!   That’s what you get when you let creative people do their thing I guess 🙂  And having Sunita there to change up the makeup and hair styles on a whim was such a treat– I just loved watching both of them in their element!  Inspiration really was the theme of the day– and it was exactly what my heart needed going in to the start of another busy season.

This styled shoot was simply meant to let us play and create without any limitations so we could just show off a different side to our work– but the cherry on top of it all was that it ended up being picked up by an awesome photography magazine Lemonade & Lenses!  Pick yourself up a copy HERE if you’d like to check out the beautiful 14 page spread, along with an article written by yours truly on the topic of “How to Shoot Boudoir while incorporating a Theme”.  Definitely my biggest magazine feature to date, and I still get butterflies when I see it all in print <3

Jenn Denis That last shot!!! <3 amazing!

Renee | Edmonton Photographer

OK, so I know I already blogged the shots from the stylized shoot we did with the lovely Renee, but I saved a few “bonus” shots that we took.  Some fun with fishnets!  These ones had a different feel too them so I wanted to blog them separately.  I usually shoot in my all white studio room, but for these, I used a darker backdrop to give it a little bit of a sexier feel and I love how they turned out!  They were still shot with only natural window light and no flashes or strobes.

I think it goes without saying that Renee is stunning (hello– Mila Kunis look-a-like much???)  but I must give props to the awesome stylist Sunita Sumaru for doing such a great job on her hair & makeup.  Seriously, there’s nothing this woman can’t do!


Carey Wow! Between the make-up, the perfect choice of background and this stunning model I can’t say anything but wow. Wonderful work Kat and the girls!

Barbara I second the motion, WOW! Beautiful work!

Lindsay Gee Sooooo hot…!!! AND soft but punchy…not too sharp*wink*! ahhh what did i tell ya?…if I could be a FLY ON THE WALL in your office 🙂 haha

she’s sooo meant to be in front of a lens! 🙂

Stylized Shoot with Behind the Scenes | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer


This is a really fun post that I’m excited to share!  Recently, I decided that I wanted to start doing more “stylized shoots”– which basically just means I pick a person to model for us, and then choose the look/outfits/hair and makeup.  The nice thing about this is that I’m able to see a vision through from inspiration to the finished product, and get to stretch my creative muscles a little.  As a photographer, there’s nothing more important than staying inspired and feeding your passion.  I also love the idea of giving my clients some new ideas as to what it is exactly that we do.  “boudoir“… “intimate portraits“… there’s really no rules or clear definitions… I just love photographing women looking and feeling beautiful.

From my iPhone, I snapped a bunch of behind-the-scenes shots of the whole process from the studio~ definitely something I’ll be doing more often to show you guys what goes on!  It was so much fun!!  I’m obsessed with the “Camera+” app for editing straight from my iPhone.

Here’s some pictures that inspired the shoot.  I absolutely devour fashion spreads– especially ones of celebrities in magazines such as “W” or “Vanity Fair”.  I love how they transform people and often reference different eras and times.

Collaborating with me on this stylized shoot was Sunita Sumaru who did the hair & makeup.  Can I just give her major props for one second???  Seriously– I am SO lucky to work with such amazing stylists– it’s so empowering to know that no matter what I ask them to do, they can execute it beyond my expectations.  For our model, we asked the lovely Renee– who I should point out is not a professional model, nor has she ever even been photographed professionally by anyone!   She totally killed it and I love that she was a “real woman“.

And finally– here’s the final product!  We used those pictures as inspiration, but also wanted to put our own spin on things.  I’m sooo happy with how the pictures turned out, and had such a fun time doing this shoot that we’ll definitely be doing more of them in the future!  We hope you enjoy 🙂

We had a bunch of outfit options lined out, but none seemed to do it for us.  This sweater was actually from Sunita’s own closet but it was super big, loose and long.  I gathered it up in the back, hiked it up, and tucked it into her underwear!   As I always say– “Anything for the shot!!”  😉


Leigha so stunning. beautiful work!

Nathan Walker beautiful Kat!! wow!

Shaun Great session. I love seeing the behind the scenes and inspiration shots as well. 🙂

Davina Love it! She looks like a pro!

Kalee LOVE these photos so much Kat !!!:) I did a boudoir shoot with you but Id almost like to do something like this next time 🙂 Stunning

kat Thanks everyone! I love hearing your feedback! And Kalee- we’d love to shoot you again! 🙂

Birds & Honey WOW. She is so gorgeous. The shoot is amazing!


Jen Super Absolutely stunning. I would love to do photos like this. Amazing job!!

zizo splendeur

Rose Rankin/crechiolo I definitly like this look ☺

Keith Absolutely stunning…her beauty forever captured in a remarkable shoot. She is breathtaking! Excellent work!

f a c e b o o k