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I’ve been up to my ears in photos of beautiful women lately– not a bad gig I must say;) The lovely Holly had a private boudoir shoot with me a few weeks ago and I’m so happy to share some of my favorites.  My usual styling team ladies were all out of town for her shoot so I called up Sonia Sajnani –another amazing hair & makeup stylist that I know (at times like this, it really helps that I used to be a makeup artist in this city!)  Anyways, we all had a really great time together and I’d say the result was some pretty stellar photos~

Doesn’t she have such big beautiful eyes?  Love her expressions~

This curtain shot is probably my favorite of the whole set… actually all of these last blanket shots really do it for me:)

Carly - Such a beautiful shoot! I wanted to see if you know where that lace tank is from and if you would divulge wear the grey blanket came from as well – for personal uses!

Sarah Pt. 2 | edmonton boudoir photographer



Here’s Part 2 of Sarah’s private boudoir shoot.  We had so many great shots that I decided to split up her blog post– scroll down to see her bridal boudoir shots.  In this post, she rocked some super cute and sexy outfits and as usual, I just loved photographing her~

Vivienne - Good god, that is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! Her eyes are amazing, too! Gorgeous photos, seriously incredible!

Rebecca - fricken hell Sarah……

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sarah: bridal boudoir | edmonton boudoir photographer

I’ve been waiting very patiently to share this blog post and am very excited to finally get to!  The stunningly beautiful Sarah just got married recently and I had to wait until she gave her lucky fiancee his album on their honeymoon before I could unveil them here.  It’s always sooo special to me to be able to photograph a bride through so many stages of her wedding experience:  boudoir, engagement and then the wedding day– and that’s what I’ve gotten to do with Sarah.  (To see their beautiful engagement session click here: Part 1 & Part 2.)

We shot these several months ago, and I was so thrilled when Sarah said she wanted to do a “bridal theme” for her shoot.    She shopped around and found some great outfits and brought along some special details such as a veil and garter to complete the look.  Since she’d booked a Private Boudoir Session, we were able to fit in a few other non-bridal outfits too but I’ll blog those in a separate post soon.  For now, here’s some of my favorites from her bridal boudoir shoot~

Hair & Makeup by the crazy talented Sunita Sumaru.

These shots below are some of my all- time faves!  Love everything about them.

Kirsten Merle - So beautiful…

Rebecca Nantel - You know Kat, these photos justify my speech to Sarah at the wedding…..living with the perfect sister was/is not easy! So gorgeous!

Katherine Henry - I love these images, your work is beautiful! Gorgeous client too!

taff - fabulous, original, would love a shoot


Chelsee R - This is stunning. Where was this lacy see-through top purchased?

kat - Hi Chelsee! The shirt is from La Vie en Rose I believe :)

Tabitha | edmonton boudoir photographer

This gorgeous momma really hit it off with me and the stylists– some great laughs were had by all as she got prepped for her boudoir marathon shoot, and by the time she got into the room to shoot with me, she said she had no nerves at all.  That’s always one of our favorite things to hear!  And as you can tell from her pictures, she really had nothing to worry about anyways– she killed it!  Probably some of the sexiest shots in my portfolio to date  ;)

Hair by Susan Gill and Makeup by Sunita Sumaru.

I loved how each of her outfits had very different vibes.  I always try to match each outfit with the right “set” or pose.  These blanket shots for example, have a much softer, dreamy compared to her other shots.

Samantha Shannon - Omg – she looks like Julia Stiles. That’s crazy. Beautiful work again!

Jarka H. - Amazing photos!

Brittani Gonzalez - wow, these are just gorgeous..

andrea - love the series with the blanket. you are so good kat.

Sean - Beautiful, soft and sexy, very well done.

Dana | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

This gorgeous woman just had a baby recently and knocked my socks off during her boudoir marathon session.  Dana joked that she’s currently always either covered in drool or changing diapers, and she was looking SO forward to having a chance to just feel like a woman again.  Being the mom to 2 myself, I totally knew where she was coming from!  We were so happy to give her a day of pampering and feeling beautiful.  Hopefully she can now pull out her beautiful album on those days where she’s feeling anything less than fabulous;)

Hair by Sunita Sumaru

Makeup by Anita Gill

Grace - she has incredible eyes!

Kirsten Merle - What a beautiful and infectious smile she has!

Jarka H. - Lovely photos!

sharon - ahhhhh…..you are soooooo goood woman. I don’t know what other words there are left to describe your work, amazing, fabulous, beyond gorgeous, soft, beautiful, stunning….you know I love you.

Sean - WoW! She looks like a movie Star and those eyes are very captivating

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